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    Electric Hot water on Demand issues

    Here at work and we have a little electric hot water heater. It had been sitting for a while but I just installed it because the old identical one just died. I properly installed this one and it worked great for 4 days. Today it’s having issues. If you let it sit with it’s 2.7 gallon tank. It...
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    Gas Cooktop and LP conversion kit

    I purchased a Bosch 5 burner gas cooktop floor model and need to acquire an LP conversion kit. The only thing that I can find is from Bosch and was wondering if this was my only option or is it possible to acquire a universal set or...
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    Combi boiler DHW setup correctly?

    Hello. I have had a Bosch combination Boiler for a few years now. It fires hydronic baseboards, works well. I recently had an indirect Domestic hot water tank installed for this Bosch system to supply heat to as designed. My issue is when the baseboards are heating some of the boilers hot water...