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  1. C

    My toilet leaks when i drain my bathtub...

    This had happened several times but not every time... when I drain the tub I'll see a pool of water around the toilet on the floor. The only time it happens is when I drain the tub... Any ideas? Thank you so much for any help or advice! I don't want to stop taking baths, lol
  2. F

    Can you identify this cartridge?

    I want to change this tub cartridge but I am not able to figure out what will work. Can someone identify it, and suggest what I can use?
  3. SergVan

    Is this bathtub drain elbow damaged?

    Hi guys, I’m new here. I have a question about damaged drain elbow. Is it fixable or need to be fully replaced? Drain was impossible to remove even with superior extractor tool, so I used metal saw in 3 places. In result, I slightly (?) damaged the drain elbow in two spots. Photos:
  4. V

    Need advice on how to remove a difficult older tub spout

    Hi there, this is my first time posting here , hopefully you can help me with my issue. I am trying to remove an old tub spout. I have watched many videos and they talk of the different versions, well this one looks to be a possible pin version, but the pin is becoming very hard to remove. I...
  5. mky44

    Low Water Pressure in Tub

    Hello, I recently bought my first house last year. The upstairs guest bathroom has a tub. When you turn the water on the pressure is very low. If I turn the faucet to the left (hot) it will come out a little fast but not full pressure. If I turn it right (cold) the pressure drops. If it's in...
  6. vtstav

    RESOLVED! Why is my tub overflow drain sealed shut?

    I took the cover off the overflow pipe in my tub to snake the drain and discovered that it's completely sealed closed, and it seems like it's been that way since it was installed... Can anyone help me identify what I'm looking at and/or how to remove it? I've tried unscrewing it, with no...
  7. onefern

    Took out this screw for shower handle, put back and now bathtub won't stop dripping

    Hello, need some help here. I took out this screw shown in the photo and water started spraying out of the bathtub faucet pipe below the handle. So I put back in the screw but now the faucet won't stop dripping. I tightened it as much as I could and still just won't stop dripping water. Any help...
  8. D

    Using Faucet Cartridge Without Limiter

    Hello all and thank you in advance for the help. My bathtub faucet has been either providing lukewarm water or running low on hot water fairly quickly the last month or so. I think it was always cooler temperatures than other fixtures in the house, but it has become a problem recently. All...
  9. J

    Bathtub Knobs Help me plz

    I want to replace my bathtub knobs but i cant find a suitable replacement for it, can you guys help me locate a good replacement thats fits because im using a wrench to turn off and on my cold water right now.
  10. G

    Water pressure drops drastically when using hot water for bathtubs?

    My family purchased a new home a few years ago. This issue has always been present, but I'm finally getting around to figuring out the issue. Our water heater is in our basement and our bathtubs are on the second floor (2 floors up). If we try to fill the tubs with hot water quickly, the...
  11. P

    Sealing skirted bathtub

    There are plenty of tutorials for sealing/caulking bathtubs. However, my bathtub has a kind of skirting around its edge, as in picture: How do I go about that? Should I caulk both edges? I plan to use standard silicone, would that be good for both? Is there any particular I should keep in mind...
  12. S

    Need help identifying bathtub faucet

    Hello. Need help in identifying a bathroom faucet. This was already put in when we bought the house. It is now leaking and we have no idea how to take out the knobs. Any input helps! Thank you! C85D77B4-D79E-44D4-82A1-82517C53BDBD by stuy820 posted Dec 23, 2019 at 9:30...
  13. C85D77B4-D79E-44D4-82A1-82517C53BDBD


    Need help identifying this bathtub faucet
  14. C

    Stuck Tub Plunger Drain

    So I've got a plunger style drain in a tub. I can remove the top of the plunger, but in all of the videos i see, unscrewing the top also removes the whole unit. Well, it does not, and I'm left with the screw to remove it from the drain. The screw is stuck, and I cannot get any kind of...
  15. A

    Bathtub snake going in wrong pipe?

    Homeowner trying to dislodge her own bathtub clog here. To catch you up, I usually use the short (22-24in?) plastic cleaning tool to get hair clogs out of my bathroom drain pipe. It's not working this time, the clog's too deep or big, so I tried using a plunger, which didn't work. I've moved on...
  16. S

    Dropped Screw in Tub Overflow Pipe

    Hello, I have a question concerning bathtub overflow pipes in a two story home. Here is my scenario: Water was draining slowly in my tub and backing up so I removed the normal drain cover and the overflow's trip lever plate + linkage. I removed the clog easily and moved on to replace the drain...
  17. J

    shower head causing leak downstairs

    Hi all, I live in an apartment building (4th floor) and a couple of days ago I went to shower and without realizing I budged the shower head down too much and heard a snap. Shortly after, the pressure decreased from the shower head and water started leaking just outside my bathroom door and...
  18. L

    New Shower Diverter Valve...but still water flow from bathtub faucet

    Hello everyone, I'm new to this board. I had been having problems with my shower diverter valve and decided to do something about it today. I went to the plumbing supply place with intentions of getting a new hot water valve (worn stem, handle spins) and a new shower diverter valve, which was...
  19. M

    RV tub in basement bathroom?

    Hello All, My wife has been asking me if I could install a tub in our Basement bathroom for a while now. The only issue is that is it a tight space, and I do not want to break the tile/ concrete. I did a little research and I am thinking about installing a platform to hide and all the...
  20. R

    Moen Bathtub/ shower faucet Cartridge Leaking, valve is damaged too

    Hi , My Moen Bathtub/ shower faucet Cartridge is Leaking and the valve is damaged too. Please see the attached pictures. 1. I did put a new cartridge but it is still leaking. I lost the retainer clip. You think is that the reason for leak? 2. Observe that valve where cartridge goes is...