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  1. H

    replacement springs too short

    I replaced the seats and springs to fix a leak from the tub spout (2 handle, wall mount with shower). After about 2 weeks, the drip started again. Thing is, the old springs were about 1/64” longer and less “springy” than the replacement springs. The seats looked identical. Maybe the pressure...
  2. M

    Cartridge Replacement with Shared Main

    My tub faucet is dripping constantly (Delta from early 90's). I live in a condo with shared water main and supposed to ask the HOA to notify the neighbors before shutting off the water. So I would like to find out the replacement cartridge's part/model number and purchase it beforehand to keep...
  3. V

    Need advice on how to remove a difficult older tub spout

    Hi there, this is my first time posting here , hopefully you can help me with my issue. I am trying to remove an old tub spout. I have watched many videos and they talk of the different versions, well this one looks to be a possible pin version, but the pin is becoming very hard to remove. I...
  4. H

    Wide spread bath faucet cartridge really stuck, nothing on internet

    Hi all, i have a leaky tub we never used since buying the house and decided to change the cartridges. The Right handle cartridge was replaced easily. Of course it wasn’t causing the leak. When I took off the left handle I found this. I can’t get the cartridge to turn at all, most tools won’t...
  5. wyrickmanton

    Replace old Kohler tub faucet

    I am looking to replace on older Kohler deck mounted tub faucet. Any ideas where I can find it? I have attached a picture of it if that helps.
  6. onefern

    Took out this screw for shower handle, put back and now bathtub won't stop dripping

    Hello, need some help here. I took out this screw shown in the photo and water started spraying out of the bathtub faucet pipe below the handle. So I put back in the screw but now the faucet won't stop dripping. I tightened it as much as I could and still just won't stop dripping water. Any help...
  7. S

    Need help identifying bathtub faucet

    Hello. Need help in identifying a bathroom faucet. This was already put in when we bought the house. It is now leaking and we have no idea how to take out the knobs. Any input helps! Thank you! C85D77B4-D79E-44D4-82A1-82517C53BDBD by stuy820 posted Dec 23, 2019 at 9:30...
  8. C85D77B4-D79E-44D4-82A1-82517C53BDBD


    Need help identifying this bathtub faucet
  9. doitmyself

    I Don't Plumb

    Hi everyone. I have plumbed but I don't like it. Now I have to plumb again. I recently purchased a renovated house which is nice but I'm finding some small things that need repaired and it's driving me crazy knowing I have to take care of these things. I can't find a handyman because everyone's...