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    Odor from cold water supply

    We put in a new bathroom sink & faucet about six months ago. Noticed when running cold water there is a "rotten" smell. Replaced the aerator and didn't help; replaced the plastic supply line and smell was gone....for a couple of months. It's back. It's only when the cold water is turned on...
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    Removing a bathroom sink

    Hi - This is my first post here and it may be a dumb one, but I wanted to be sure as I've never done this before. I'm having a custom vanity built and it will be ready to install soon. Before it can be installed, I need to remove the old sink and vanity to make space for it. The question I...
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    How to properly add air vent to bathroom pop up drain

    Pop up drain bathroom sink by David s posted Apr 29, 2018 at 9:00 AM How to i properly add an air vent for my bathroom sink. Water fills up, the lines cleaned up, my whole sewer lines new, and its pretty obvious that pressure is building up at P trap due to lack of air vent
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    Cannot Find Cartridge for Bathroom Faucet

    Hi all, Bought a house in 2016 and have a leaky faucet. Plumber told me the cartridge needs replacing. It is a relatively new sink but I cannot find model numbers anywhere. I will try to contact the sellers to see if they have a clue where they bought it but they were not very friendly/helpful...