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  1. H

    In desperate need of advice!! Venting

    I am trying to install a double sink vanity in our master bath remodel. However, when I exposed the pipes to plan my plumbing I ran into a dilemma. How do I tie double sink plumbing into my current plumbing. The issue I have is trying to properly vent and drain the system. In the second photo...
  2. mbmsv

    Planning bathroom renovation - drain and venting questions

    Hello gurus, I am planning to renovate my master bath and I need some help with planning the plumbing. Here's my existing bathroom: The empty room is currently a walk-in closet. The bathroom is located on the second floor above a closet. I had ceiling partially removed in that closet some...
  3. M

    Bathroom sink slow draining

    My parents moved into a 55 & over recently and their renovated bathroom sink is draining very poorly. Looks like the drain is either pitched back or it’s the way it flows. Attached are pictures of the sink draining, which takes about 2 minutes to fully drain after washing your hands, and the...
  4. S

    How to remove old wall flange and drain pipe

    Hi All - I am trying to replace our bathroom drain piping (total beginner) but not sure how to remove this last piece of pipe that connects to the wall pipe (see pictures). The piping in the walls is probably about 20-25 years old and looks to be PVC (not sure). In any case, I don't know how to...
  5. R

    bathroom sink overflow drain

    I have a bathroom sink that's leaking from the overflow drain. It's old? Installed 20 yrs ago by the plumber from hell. The overflow is NOT built-in. It somehow goes from the overflow opening in the sink to a opening on the sink drain via a vinyl plastic tube. It is attached at the drain by zip...
  6. C

    Need Help with bathroom sink

    I just recently bought a house and have had a ton of plumbing issues. This new one is a leak under the bathroom sink. I figured it would be easy enough to fix. However, it appears the reason it was leaking is because the drain (sorry I don’t know the terms) that attaches to the sink was slightly...
  7. B

    Union Trap Leak

    Good morning, I installed a new bathroom vanity, and I had to replace the old trap. I wanted to install a pipe with a nut at the wall that would permit me to disconnect it without having to cut and cement it. My local plumbing supply advised that I install a union trap and cement a sleeve at...