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    New construction basement toilet plumbing not flowing

    Hi, I'm trying to help my son finish his basement on a new house (built 1 year ago). 3 stubs were plumbed for the basement bathroom. Our initial activities: 1. Shower drain was capped (no shower being put in) 2. Sink drain was cut to place vanity (temporarily taped top until final plumbing...
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    Rowhome built on spring - alternatives to sump pump?

    I was considering buying a rowhome in Baltmore that seems to be built on a spring. In the basement there is a sump pump with a backup pump. There is water visibly running into the sump pump at all times (it looks like two hoses are turned on and pouring into the pump) The pump empties into the...
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    Tie in for basement bathroom

    Hello all, DYI project for basement. I'd like to meet 2012 IPC code for this (town uses this). I've done many plumbing and electrical projects for 30 years. Some past work has been permitted when it was part of a larger permitted project. Would anyone please comment on the following plan...