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    Why this PVB is leaking ?

    I replaced 3 , new from shop, but same issue again and again. I tried 1 inch, zurn (don't remember model number ) as well as watts (800m4qt) PVBs. What is wrong I'm doing here . Why all PVBs are leaking from top ? By the water pressure is not more than 50 PSI.
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    Why is the only check valve in Kitchen spray head in supply hose line bottom and not spring loaded?

    My condo builder installed American Standard Kitchen sink spray head stopped working today and identified the issue as: A clogged check valve (a blockage of black grit and grease -- not sure what it is from, although we replaced the old water heater last year that was 9yrs old that had liner...
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    Backflow preventer placement

    https://imgur.com/a/AeLl5FE Went on vacation for two weeks, had 24" of rain in one/two days, came home to a partially dried out, previously-flooded basement. Not sure where the water came in. Currently removing plywood and drywall and insulation to get rid of mold, and to investigate cause...