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    Basement utility sink overflows when I run my water

    Hi all - New here and my first post, I hope someone can give me some advice on what I have done so far without an expensive bill coming my way. I have a utility sink that in my basement that sits directly below my kitchen sink that is on the first floor. The kitchen sink has PVC to a shared...
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    Double Kitchen Sink Backing Up on Disposal Side

    Hello. I would like to tap into the community's expertise. My issue is this: It seems my wife poured a considerable quantity of rice down the disposal. Afterwards just the disposal side started to back up. If you run the disposal, it empties but backs up on the other side. I removed all the PVC...
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    Old tank found under yard. What do I do?

    Hello, I discovered what I an old concrete septic tank in my back yard with the top collapsed in. The tank was mostly filled with dirt, with a couple feet of water in the corner. (Feeling lucky it didn’t crest a sinkhole.) A landscaper friend recommended I dig out/ pull water out enough to...
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    Sick of mopping up the floor

    I have been having trouble with my washer machine drain overflowing after large loads . The grey washer machine hose drains into the 2” standpipe which sits about 1 1/2 ft higher than the washer. After a few overflows, I tried a new, taller standpipe and that did not help. Above the Sani-tee is...
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    Vent issue

    Hi Everyone, I have an issue about once a year in my upstairs bathroom where the shower backs up and bubbles start to come up out of the toilet (which also fails to flush when this happens). In order to get it working again it always takes an interesting combination of sinks and toilets...
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    Toilet not flushing, shower is gurgling/bubbling, and smells like poop

    Hello - first time poster! Per my subject line, I tried flushing my downstairs toilet and it was clogged. Then... the shower started gurgling as well and making bubbling sounds. I am thinking it is due to a clog with my wife's hair. What can I do to try to fix this? Thanks in advance.