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  1. F

    Removing Moen kitchen faucet aerator

    My Moen kitchen faucet has an aerator that none of the standard aerator keys seem to fit. I've attached a picture of it below. Maybe Moen did this purposefully to make people need to replace the whole faucet head every time. Looking at this YouTube video, How to remove a Moen kitchen faucet...
  2. Dgoldfe13

    Aerator adapter help

    Assistance finding a Aerator adaptor. Hello, I hope this is the right place to ask this. But, I bought a PUR faucet filter. Our faucet has a recessed aerator. When I unscrew the part with the plastic aerator in it. The part that screws into the main faucet stem is about the size of a penny. The...
  3. tjt23

    Search Terms - Sink Aerator/Outlet Adapter for Two

    Hello, I'm hoping this is a simple question/answer as far as the terminology I should be searching for on Home Depot/Lowes/Amazon/etc. I want to find an attachment for my kitchen sink that would essentially allow for two separate aerators/valves to be attached simultaneously, and I can switch...
  4. J

    Grohe Lady Lux splashes - can aerator be changed?

    We have a Grohe Ladylux Pro Dual Spray pull down kitchen faucet, 32244 We like the look of it but on the default spray is a solid stream through the center that splashes up from the sink a lot. When you press the button to change spray the *alternate* spray is a bunch of thin streams around the...
  5. J

    Help - Can't unscrew flared end of Delta Kitchen Faucet

    Hello All. After speaking to a Delta faucet rep recently, I'm writing here to doublecheck what I was told. Reason being that I feel like I'm going to break my kitchen faucet soon if I keep applying force. The faucet is a Delta Victorian 155-RBWF SINGLE HANDLE KITCHEN FAUCET. It has a fancy...
  6. I

    Replacing 15/16 kitchen faucet aerator with swivel aerator.

    Hello I have come across this aerator installed on the kitchen faucet. I want a shower stream so I have looked up this swivel aerator on Amazon that is supposed to create a shower stream when you swivel it; Here is a picture of what I have already installed. Seems to be...
  7. Spicoli

    How to remove aerator?

    My sinks aerator does not have notches for those key removal tools. I've tried turning it using a paper clip in the holes but it won't budge either way. And tried prying it out with flat head screwdriver and hook pry tool. And the spout won't remove as it is built into the main body. It is...