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  1. Gabriel Wiley

    Help/Advice needed transitioning ABS to Cast Iron for bathroom sink drain.

    Hi there! First time posting here, Id appreciate any advice you can give me. Im installing a new sink in my bathroom and I can't figure out how to connect the ABS to this 1 1/2" cast iron drain hole. It looks like it's both venting and draining. I'd rather not tear open the drywall and replace...
  2. C

    Leak Repair on Waste Pipe ABS Joint Very Confined space

    I have a slight leak on an waste ABS pipe 45 degree joint in a very confined space (I can barely reach my hand to touch it) that I need to repair. What ideas do you have to repair it? The ideas I have researched were to spread ABS cement with ABS shavings along the edges of the joint or cut the...
  3. K


    Howdy, I've come upon a missing link. I'm remodeling a bathroom, and the toilet vent is 2.5" ABS. Did companies stop making these fittings? Just too odd of a size? I'm only replacing the pipe through floor and hooking back up to old "Y", don't want to have to run new 2" all the way through roof.
  4. M

    ABS slip couplings don't slip?

    I've used slip couplings on copper, PVC, and CPVC with no problems, but I can't figure out how to make one work on a 2" ABS vent I had to relocate. It won't slip on dry at all, and while it might slide on with some cement to lubricate it, with my luck it would set up before I could slip it over...