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    PVC metric shenan

    It is likely metric as described, but I have seen pipe delivered to the job that was undersized because the extrusion machine was starved for material. The pipe was undersized to the point that it could not be glued. The pipe made it past quality control, part of an entire pallet of 10’ lengths...
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    New Bottle Traps.....Are they permitted?

    Yeah... The two clean out deal smells like a “that’s how we always did it” reasoning with no-one taking up the flag to be first to fight. i feel the same about air chambers as shock absorbers on every fixture. Virtually all of them will be waterlogged in a few weeks as the air is dissolved into...
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    New Bottle Traps.....Are they permitted?

    Many of our US based faucet manufacturers are now selling bottle-style traps with no visible weir. (See many examples on Amazon) The current Illinois code does not appear to allow the. Does anyone know of or live in a state that specifically mentions / permits bottle traps?
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    Irrigation Backflow preventer water hammer?

    Yes. The drawing shows no protection for the water service and the main. A low pressure condition on the main could cause water contaminated with soil and garden chemicals to be drawn into the main and delivered to all the downstream customers! Very dangerous setup! A proper arrangement has the...
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    Element Exploded

    I would agree. But that is not what my comments were related to. The ease and economics of replacement vary greatly. Admitted, most are straightforward, but then, of course, most would fall in the 6 sigma area of the cost curve anyway. But some will not, and may cost far more to change out. Or...
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    Reduce expand reduce again

    Is the house close to the street? Do you know where the curb stop is? The curb stop should be at the curb of the street or at the edge of the sidewalk. It should be at the bottom of a “Buffalo Box” with a top that is round and 4 to 6 inches diameter. You can measure the depth of your service in...
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    Reduce expand reduce again

    How far North is the home? In the upper Midwest deep burial is common. But, there are contractor who can replace such services by “Pipe Bursting” and pulling a new copper or PEX line to a pot-hole on the curb stop or even on the main’s corporation stop. With no Hugh ditches.
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    Element Exploded

    I was speaking to his explanation of the failure itself. Water intrusion through the element jacket saturating the insulating filler heated th steam that burst the element jacket. Not the relative ease or economics of warranty service.
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    Really dangerous water heater failure (True Story)

    I read and commented on the exploded heater element thread below and it reminded me of one of my personal combat stories. About 30 years ago I went on a service call for a home that had been subject to a near lightning strike. Electricians had already been there for a couple of hours replacing...
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    Element Exploded

    Hose Doc has the right answer. No doubt.
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    Reduce expand reduce again

    Yep, as I guessed, the meter is connected with meter nipples. But I still agree, the service looks bad on outside and is almost surely limed up or filled with rust from tuberculation corrosion. Either will choke the pipe to a fraction of its carry capacity. You can prove the condition by adding...
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    Reduce expand reduce again

    This almost certainly describes a 3/4” meter connected with standard 1/2” meter nipples. Meter nipples have loose nuts one size bigger than the nipple, so 3/4 FIP. This was the most common way to install meters prior to about 1960. Yes, it is counterintuitive to reduce, then increase, the reduce...
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    Rheem 40 Gallon Tank Leaking from Pressure Valve Threads

    You may find a check valve (one-way valve) somewhere upstream of your water heater. Check valves are incorporated into many types of water meter “sets” out in the meter pit. Check valves are also integral to all backflow prevention devices. The check valve prevents cool water from expanding back...
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    I am totally fascinated...

    The answers above hit on many of the “truths” about water. Here are some tabulated facts: Water is at its densest at 4 degrees C. It expands at temperatures both above and below 4 degrees. Anything added to water, be it sodium from softeners, chlorine, calcium or air will raise the boiling point...
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    Tear apart my plan

    I just had a thought that you may not have considered. There must be at least 1 full sized vent for the system. Your sketch and the others are good for figuring out what might work, but if the 3” out the roof is the only “main” vent, most if not all codes will not allow you to reduce the vent...
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    Tear apart my plan

    Looks like way too many drainage fixture units trying to wet vent off lavatory. Not only looks like too many, it is! Is there no way to connect the waste stack (in red) to the existing 3” roof vent? That would allow the toilet to connect within 5’ of the vent connection. Then a common vent...
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    some toilets don't attract lime deposit?

    A low cost alternative to super-slick ceramic finishes is to periodically treat the wetted surfaces with a hydrophilic liquid coating like “RainX”. First, throughly clean the bowl all the way up under the rim with an acidic bowl cleaner. Flush, and sponge out the remaining water. Then add about...
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    Low flange - options?

    What is the inside diameter of pipe connected to flange. There are some “telescoping” flange extensions available for this type of issue.
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    Venting question

    Home inspectors come in a wide variety of quality. I had an inspector report on my home (in New York State at the time) that did not know the difference between a hot water boiler and a steam boiler!
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    Did they quit making the handiest fitting of all?

    If you fellows would re-read what I wrote, I epoxy and reinforce with epoxy/Fiberglas the thin wall fittings to the Fiberglas wall. The piping in the wall is thoroughly strapped to framing and often foamed in place. To make a statement like “you have been using these wrong for years” is wrong...