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  1. breplum

    i want to install an eletric water heater

    I posted a similar statement last night and it appears it was removed.
  2. breplum

    replacing frozen CPVC ball valve, need HELP!

    If it were me, I would cut the valve out, cut into wall if necessary. Then begin with a CPVC x 3/4" threaded adapter (the kind with the brass threads). Then build it all back with propress as needed. Simple and bomb proof. Done!
  3. breplum

    Is it possible to temporarily remove a pedestal from a pedestal sink to install a new drain?

    Usually the pedestal is locked in by a lip on the sink itself. There are lots of tricks in dealing with pedestals, but I've never pulled out a pedestal successfully. They make special wrenches for getting at the nut on pedestal sinks. The wrenches come in both 1.25 and 1.5 inches..
  4. breplum

    greetings from South Bohemia

    Great to hear from far away places. But be forewarned, not all plumbing is necessarily similar.
  5. breplum

    Orangeburg sewer pipe - the horror! the horror! Would you install a liner?

    Good story. You did get a good job. How much did the job cost? My son lives in Spokane, doesn't do plumbing.
  6. breplum

    i need help here

    A wrench, and electrical circuit tester, and a lot of experience. Call a licensed plumbing contractor.
  7. breplum

    Can I use Liberty Pumps 280 Effluent Sump Pump as primary?

    And then illucidate us with what Liberty says.
  8. breplum

    Help: State Water Heater Diagnosis/Intellivent issues (maybe)

    At nine years, you are throwing good money after a bad product. You should consider replacing. My experience with those power vent units is endless unhappiness. If your gas supply is a home run all the way from the meter, you could consider a terrific tankless water heater like Navien NPE 240A...
  9. breplum

    BHS Pex - Heard of it?

    Not a name brand, so likely a one-of importer. No warranty, so it is all on you. Major American suppliers will be a better bet for the long run. Though underground outdoors is not that typical a use. Uponor PEX, when used with Uponor fittings have a 25 yr. warranty. Polybuteleyne or Sch 80 PVC...
  10. breplum

    Hot water element

    The word we use is "hole" Elements do go bad and they do melt. Even new can develop defects. That is what mfr's warranty is for.
  11. breplum

    Sanitary Sewer Connections and Slants

    You have to deal with it. If the sewer department won't take responsibility then get your checkbook ready. In most jurisdictions that know anything, those "unshielded" rubber couplings are totally not allowed. Specifically you can see why, because they don't help hold alignment. In fact, they...
  12. breplum

    Toilet Flush Valve part unable to identify replacement

    It is a fact that the Gerber Maxwell dual flush in the MaP performance testing site, flushes 500 grams. That is a "worst in class" flush, no bones about it!!! It is among the worst flushing toilets on the market.
  13. breplum

    A Leak Inside the Wall

    There is only the slightest chance that you could rotate that Sharkbite fitting and it would stop the drip. There is a chance that it was not inserted fully. The truly best way we plumbers know that is to make a Sharpie mark on the pipe so we can see that it is inserted to the spec'd depth...
  14. breplum

    What is the best way to remove these caps from these copper pipes?

    Possibly that is Aqua Lock by Watts: The correct way is to use the de-clip tool. In your example, two of them and push simultaneously. Those may have collet locking clips in place, which are the black rings and must be popped off before removal of the fitting..
  15. breplum

    Is a shallow sewer line grandfathered in for a remodel in Ca.?

    There is no uniform code that has any problem whatsoever with sewer pipes under a slab, NONE. Most of Calif uses the CPC which is derived from the UPC. The codes do pertain to pipes outside the buildings, nothing about under slabs. Unless you live someplace where cold weather affects the ground...
  16. breplum

    Rheem Hybrid Water Heater Installation Questions

    No electrician here, but I think there is a problem if your new equipment is too far off, amps-wise, from the existing breaker. roughly speaking, you want your breaker to be some percentage off the spec'd load, not way off. You need an electrical contractor to be advising you on that.
  17. breplum

    No Water coming to outside tap?

    Turn the main off. Remove the hose bibb/ aka tap. screw in a pipe nipple and turn on the water for a second or so. It will either eliminate a bad hose bibb or not.
  18. breplum

    Moen Posi-temp No Water New Construction

    It isn't common, but Murphy's 66th corrilary states very clearly, if somebody is going to get a fuc***d up valve body, it will be the person who didn't do a trial flow test. We use a hose bibb at the shower stub to test under closed and open conditions.
  19. breplum

    Commercial Dishwasher Install

    You need a 12 x 12 floor sink with its own 2" p-trap. What you have is totally unsuitable for a residence unless you want to spend the money to hire a plumber to do what is necessary.
  20. breplum

    Expansion tank replacement question

    You might try your question at a heating help site, The Wall: Heating Help: The Wall Code for domestic water in a house is max 75 psi. Pressure redicing valve is required to bring domestic water into range. There are many reasons for this. No expansion tank will work above that range. Period...