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  1. johnnyring

    Wobbley kitchen faucet

    You need a basin wrench: They are cheap at any big box store.
  2. johnnyring


    He's got your # Dunner!
  3. johnnyring

    Freezing in Ft Lauderdale

    Retired (engineer) and this Southern location is letting me down lately!
  4. johnnyring

    Checkn in

    Let us decide Roscoe!
  5. johnnyring


    Glad to have you aboard!
  6. johnnyring

    The Joke Thread

    Also told him he needed a referral!
  7. johnnyring

    New look

    Keith, aren't you worried it will draw some riff-raff?
  8. johnnyring

    How do I maintain my Septic?

    By paying my sewer bill every month.
  9. johnnyring

    The Joe The Plumber Thread

    I can't "take" what's not yours. It says Federal Reserve Note on it!
  10. johnnyring

    rocking toilet

    I thought you were annoying?
  11. johnnyring

    rocking toilet

    I thought you used grout if toilet was on tile?