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    Well pump pulling

    I have pulled several submersible well pumps in my younger years, usually with a helper. A pump will weigh in the vicinity of 25 lbs. The Pitless adapter and pipe standoffs will weigh a few pounds and the poly pipe + 10/3G pump cable will weigh about 0.64 lbs per ft. Therefore, at 160 ft., the...
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    Replacing Shower Tub Kit DIY

    That appears to be a standard Delta shower valve. National plumbing codes now require pressure/temperature balancing shower valves, which is likely why you are not finding a diverter on the valve itself. It appears that all new shower valves with a diverter are using a separate valve with a...
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    Need help replacing a sweat coupling with compression ball valve

    In my opinion, you will have a hard time using a tubing cutter because the surface is not even and the cutting wheel will likely not track around in the same groove. You should cut it with a 32 tooth hack saw blade. I would get an insulating pad (flame barrier) to put between the pipe and wood...
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    shower caulk leak?

    Not even close to enough information. Does it only appear when taking a shower, and does it appear consistently when taking a shower? I would question why it only shows in one small spot. That doesn't seem consistent with condensation, unless it is from warm air in the house condensing on an...
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    Have you measured the actual temperature with an accurate thermometer and compared it to the reading and setpoint on the thermostat? We don't know how quickly your house loses heat, which could be a major factor. I can think of several things that could account for feeling colder when it is...
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    Zone 3 on boiler heats slowly

    The most likely cause is low flow of boiler water through that loop. Since that loop has its own circulator and this is apparently a recent problem (we almost never get enough information in an original post), then I would assume that the circulator is sized appropriately. The next most likely...
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    Soot and dust dispersed around house which I believe is coming from baseboards

    Let's put a little more thought into this. The OP does not indicate where he is from, because climate is an important factor, and many posters don't give enough information in their post. He also notes that he has seen this around the house, but just noticed it above baseboard heaters and...
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    Shower Diverter Keeps breaking

    I would not recommend replacing the valve. That looks like a Moen with pressure balancing. They are good quality valves. Even if you had to replace the tub spout every few years, it would be far less costly and destructive than replacing the shower valve. You would have to make a fairly major...
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    In the past 6 months, I've had 3 pinhole leaks in the same stretch of copper piping. PLEASE HELP!

    I have replaced copper piping in many houses here in rural Vermont. Those pinhole leaks were caused by water that had a pH that was acidic. I have seen the piping so eaten away that I could crush it between 2 fingers. There are 3 grades of copper piping- K, L and M. K is the thickest wall...
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    Gas vs Electric

    The heat pump water heater is by far the most energy efficient, BUT they have a very slow recovery. They take the heat from the air around it (such as your basement) so that area will get cooler. In northern climates in winter that can be a problem, but in southern climates is where they shine...
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    Boiler help - pressure release constantly triggers; no heat

    In the photo that you posted, the cap on top of the PRV is missing. It has a lever to push that pin down and fast fill the system. Screwing in the threaded portion changes the set pressure and if your gauge isn't moving when you feed water then there is another issue and you no longer know what...
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    boiler feed backflow preventer- code

    I recently replaced a boiler feed backflow preventer. There was a ball valve upstream of it but nothing to isolate it from the boiler system except the boiler feed pressure regulator. I thought that if the boiler is above the set pressure for the regulator, then the regulator valve should be...
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    Boiler help - pressure release constantly triggers; no heat

    It could be a failed expansion tank. Close the valve in the line that feeds water to the boiler. Drain some water from the boiler system until the pressure reads zero (if you can trust the gauge on the boiler). Then use a tire gauge to measure the air pressure on the expansion tank. It should be...
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    is it OK to leave heaters off all year round?

    Turning the thermostat down to about 50-55 degF (about 10-12 degC) when you leave the house will save energy. The faster the house cools down, the more energy that will be saved (but that also means that the house uses more heating energy in general). The rate of heat loss is directly...
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    Has our Well gone Dry?

    Oops, I had a brain hiccup. I was looking (too quickly) at the 10GS50 curve (which did seem quite high). Still, I have no idea how high your pump has to pump water to your house.
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    is it OK to leave heaters off all year round?

    Bad idea. Drying clothes puts a lot of moisture in the room, and it cools the room down (latent heat of vaporization, much like when you spray your face with water in the hot weather to cool you down). The resultant high humidity will likely find surfaces at or below the dewpoint in cold...
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    Water on drywall ceiling underneath toilet help

    It sounds like the water flowed over the sheetrock to a lower point. I would poke a very small hole in the middle of the wet spot on the sheetrock to drain any potential pooling water. If there is no fiberglass or similar insulation in the ceiling, it will dry out quickly enough and there will...
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    Thermostatic radiator valve.

    The answer is yes, they work well in that application. I have a few clients with them, including newer installations with more modern wall hung radiators. Be sure that they are exposed to the room (and not blocked) so that they can sense room temperature.
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    Has our Well gone Dry?

    Now it is even more confusing. That pump will pump 10 gpm up to 1,200 ft. high (the "head"), which is huge. If you can't paint a better picture, then I am done here.
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    Has our Well gone Dry?

    You only answered a couple of the questions. Now you mention a "pumphouse". Why do you have a pumphouse for a submersible pump? If it is a drilled well, how could the plumber replace all of the piping, which is buried? How could you get water from the pump at the pumphouse? Please paint a...
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