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    floating septic tank

    Too much rain caused this ( and maybe improper installation), but system still working.
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    Military only tread

    Phishfood , Havasu , Austin , Chris --- Hi guys, I would like to know if there is a way to add a MILITARY only thread with a pass code access for our men & women of the Arm Forces. With all the knowledge here, this would be a great place for answers (with a guy like john---Man) and a way for us...
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    Family Blessing

    I would like to send my blessing to all the families that have lost a love one(s) in the Arm Forces - Without your love one(s) this country would not be where it is today. GOD BLESS IFIXH20.
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    use or not use

    Went to one of my customer's home today to give a bid - An Electrician come out to give a bid also. While looking over the job, the electrician ask me to step out the restroom so he could use it before the home owner comes back on this side of the home. I have never use a customer's restroom - I...
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