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    Could it be the check valve?

    I seek advice from fellow professionals regarding an issue I’ve encountered with an indirect hot water heater. I performed a diagnosis on Friday evening and found that the aquastat was not responsive and was running wild creating sky high water temperatures. Due to the time, I would not be...
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    Can’t get new water heater hot enough

    Step 1 Locate the hand wheel on top of the main valve body. Step 2 Use a screwdriver to loosen the screw on top of the hand wheel. Don't remove the screw entirely. Step 3 Lift the hand wheel slightly, but do not attempt to remove it. Lifting it allows you to adjust the temperature. Step 4...
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    shower no longer gets warm.

    What brand/model?
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    Thermostatic Valve Trim Identification Help

    Pictures of the cartridges would be more help
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    Advice - New Moen shower trim

    No no I don’t think you’re wrong. All I’m doing is asking the original poster what is wrong with the way that it is? How it’s set is very common. It’s not set up incorrectly. It’s just aesthetics.
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    Advice - New Moen shower trim

    I’m fully aware of his complaint and how to fix it. I would like to know WHY it’s an issue? All Moen valves stick out like that. Mine does and it’s a deep wall application
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    Advice - New Moen shower trim

    Why would you want it back more? About an inch more and the plate is going to be touching the handle. Besides that, when you have to change the cartridge all the access water is going to fall inside the wall rather than into the base.
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    That’s looking a little too deep into it I think
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    Strange situation.

    This train is so far off the tracks it’s in the god damn ocean
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    Strange situation.

    It’s an old school way of making a trap primer. Fairly common way to keep the floor drain full of water so you don’t get an odor. The little tube in the floor drain is attached to the shower head riser, but is supposed to be throttled down to a dribble not full pressure
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    Watts check valve

    That’s the other thing that doesn’t add up here. Here in Canada, no inspector is going to touch one of these devices, only a certified back flow tester. And they certainly wouldn’t be sending the owner on a wild goose chase to find parts.
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    Watts check valve

    I’m confused. Nothing in the pictures you posted is a check valve. From the description from inspector it sounds like he’s talking about a Reduced Pressure Zone backflow preventer.
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    Watts check valve

    That’s a thermal expansion valve. They are designed to discharge water equalize system pressure from thermal expansion. If there’s water coming from the discharge port, it’s working as it should
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    Watts check valve

    That’s not a check valve. It’s a wye strainer
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    Replace stem of the exterior faucet

    Once you take off the retaining but you should be able to thread it out. They don’t pull straight out
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    Sulfur smell in HVAC system when the toilet flushes

    Is there floor drains on the upper levels? It’s common for hvac condensate to drain into a floor drain. If the floor drain is being siphoned when the toilet flushes, and if the hvac condensate isn’t protected by its own trap then it could get a smell from there. It’s the kind of situation where...
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    how fix broken faucet?

    Make sure you take out the retaining clip. Acquire a new cartridge from a hardware store or directly from Moen. They’re free, lifetime warranty. With the new cartridge will be a handy little socket to help you break the cartridge loose so you can pull it out. Instructions are also included if...
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    how fix broken faucet?

    Simply change the cartridge (Moen 1225) and acquire a new handle and screw
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    What did you do today?

    We survived! Went without power for a few days, kind of. I have a generator for the house, but internet was down until power was restored to my area this morning. There’s still 100,000+ people without power though. It got pretty hairy here. Lots of damage in the city but the hurricane changed...
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