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  1. House Doc

    bathroom sink

    I've found that some of the units that come with plastic drains don't really sit flush with the sink. If customer can't live with it I'll install a decent brass drain. I think it's just a design flaw.
  2. House Doc

    New plumbing tool

    Probably meant to be used as handhold while moving. Since there is really no place to grab on a heater.
  3. House Doc

    Pinhole leak

    We need some more information. Walls, ceiling? Try using an Infrared Thermometer to check on temperature differences.
  4. House Doc

    Looking for tips for sweat fitting copper water lines.

    The most important part is cleaning pipes and fittings, and a good flux. A picture's worth a thousand words... There are quite a few good videos on YouTube. Watch a few and practice on some pieces. Don't overheat or solder will flow out of the joint
  5. House Doc

    Dishwasher trim piece ideas

    If the gap isn't unsightly, leave them off. The strips that I have seen have "tear grooves" in the back to make them smaller, to fit the gap. A couple strips of duct tape at the rear of insulation should suffice so it doesn't catch on cabinets when you slide it in. It's not like you will need...
  6. House Doc

    Can anyone identify this Cartridge?

    I've been in the business of repairing stuff for over 45 years (yea, I'm old) and my go-to faucet has always been Moen. Their cartridges for single handle units have remained the same for 40 years and getting parts is very easy, and easily replaced (99% of the time:mad:). I prefer the plastic...
  7. House Doc

    Can anyone identify this Cartridge?

    That's a Moen 1200 cartridge. You have pulled the inside part out of it. Now comes the fun part. Go to this link on You Tube.
  8. House Doc

    Slow double kitchen sink drain

    Hey MASTRPLUMB, where is that "plug" going to go when you "Just take a hammer and a flat blade screwdriver and knock it out"? Is it just going to jump back into the cabinet? You and I may know what precautions to follow, but some rookie reads that and now has a plastic disk stuck in his drain...
  9. House Doc

    Longevity of brass vs plastic in household P-traps ??

    I am in the same mindset pertaining to PEX piping... open minded, but have a wait and hope attitude. Over the 40+years of this business I've replaced MANY chrome/brass drains with the tubular plastic drains. I have yet to see one that was installed correctly fail. Problems have come from over...
  10. House Doc

    Tub Drain
  11. House Doc

    Tub Drain

    Anytime you try to remove a tub drain flange you put stress on the underlaying drain pieces. Which is fine if you have access to the bottom of the drain. And there's a good chance that they will start to leak. I have been using these: Watco Lift & Turn Tub Stopper 48300-CP from Amazon for...
  12. House Doc

    Hello identifying and how to remove shower handle

    Did you try using a sharp knife to pop off the brass "dot" on the front of the handle? The screw is probably under there.
  13. House Doc

    Septic ejector tank buildup - don't think it's grease

    Try a little Drain Defender, or any "enzyme" drain cleaner. Use it overnight and check in the morning. Works great in drains, and this is a giant drain.
  14. House Doc

    Can't remove diverter handle

    Any idea of the brand name? Try turning the escutcheon counter clockwise.
  15. House Doc

    how to clean tub drain?

    Good morning! Without pictures it's a little difficult to say. Best guess is a "toe drain". Almost all can be removed in one or two ways. 1. Pull up and look for a set screw. 2. Lower slightly and see if it will turn. If not, wrap knob with tape and gently turn counter clockwise and it...
  16. House Doc

    Drain odor

    How do ANY of the examples that you have just stated pertain to THIS person. I am addressing one particular situation. You are generalizing 100%! That's sad.:(
  17. House Doc

    Drain odor

    The "handy guy" has been doing this for 45 years and has learned quite a bit over that time. Like, not everyone is wrong just because they disagree with you, and jumping into the expensive fix (because an "expert" told me that's what I have to do), when a simple, proven, "fix" is available to...
  18. House Doc

    Drain odor

    Ok! Let's dump $200 into some plumber's pocket so he can look down your drain, instead of spending $8 to try and resolve the problem (the smell). What is he/she going to see? The drain flows well, so probably no obstruction. I've used and recommended Drain Care/Drain Defender for many years...
  19. House Doc

    Drain odor

    As long as the drain is running fine I recommend Drain Care or Drain Defender made by Zep. I think that Drain Defender is the newer version of Drain Care, but liquid. These are enzyme products and clear/eat the "sludge" from the sides of the pipes. Probably where the smell comes from. Double...
  20. House Doc

    Replace stem of the exterior faucet

    This looks like a new faucet, though a Chinese knockoff of a Mansfield frost proof. Take off the handle. turn off water to home. Open the faucet. The first smaller nut is the "pacing nut" to stop leaks around the stem. I use a hose cap to protect the threads and use 2 wrenches. One to hold...
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