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  1. mike fiore

    Peculiar hole in old lead drain pipe

    also a good epoxy would be a temporary repair. I use the 2 part they sell it at home depot. wear gloves and mix according to directions then push into hole and around hole.
  2. mike fiore

    Washing machine drain pipe overflows

    geofd is correct.. you can remove cleanout plug and install male adapter with a 4x2 street y and a end clean out. cap old 2 inch and repipe new trap. I believe that would solve the problem.
  3. mike fiore

    pls review this plan and what T to use for vents?

    the only thing I can say is make sure vents off sinks go straight up til they are 6" or more above the flood rim of sink. as far as cleanouts I would put on stub outs for both sinks then trap off sink. also for vents use a sanitary tee. one is usually good around here...
  4. mike fiore

    Replacing 15/16 kitchen faucet aerator with swivel aerator.

    you need to remove the existing aerator. you are correct that is a internal/external thread to match different faucets. once you take that off you should be able to attach the spray head you want. they usually come with different adapters for different style faucets.
  5. mike fiore

    Old stuck bathtub drain shoe/ gasket, and downstairs leak

    its tricky but if you have no accesss from underneath you can push slightly down into shoe and slide gasket out. use same procedure to install new gasket. looks like the adapter inside shoe is for toe tap... make sure you putty the new toe tap on top. only other option is to open wall behind...
  6. mike fiore

    Washing machine drain pipe overflows

    when waste is coming down 3 inch it is probably clogging the inlet from washing machine. that's not the right fitting for application. it should be a wye fitting
  7. mike fiore

    Burn pipe to fit

    that's looks like pvc . just cut below burn and glue pvc coupling with new fitting and use slip coupling or fernco above.
  8. mike fiore

    Unusual faucet connection.

    you should be able to put basin wrench around that part that tnkrst circled to loosen it.
  9. mike fiore

    Bathroom double sink plumbing question

    youre 2nd drawing is good with a double sanitary t and just make sure vent doesent 90 over till you are 6 inches above flood rim of sink
  10. mike fiore

    Mystery Overflow Drain

    they look like condensate drains...possibly ac or high effiency heat /hot water
  11. mike fiore

    what is this go broke if i charged 60 bucks an hour. taxes, fuel, workers comp, maintenance on vehicle, insurance, materials...on and on and on.....
  12. mike fiore

    Manufacturer Identification

    looks like standard toilet supply some older shut offs ive seen are larger than the standard 3/8. home depot has both sizes.
  13. mike fiore

    No COLD water - unknown cartridge

    sorry took so long to reply been a crazy week. its ok if piece inside breaks youll get a new one with new cartridge. it has to come out. its just stuck in there. try needle nose pliers with force. also remove cover plate there may be a retaining nut holding it in as well.
  14. mike fiore

    converting one sink to two sinks (drain pipe)

    i got backwards use pipe on left for drain.. and i would put a cleanout in.
  15. mike fiore

    Tub water won't fully turn off on unique/old system.

    i would try it on the least used tub first in case you have any issues. its all threaded connections so worst case you could replace with modern chrome threaded fittings and valves. look on home depot or lowes or plumbers supply house
  16. mike fiore

    Urgent advice needed!

    Common fault 1: Low boiler pressure The Cause: If you’re done all the usual checks (including checked the radiators for leaks and looked at the pressure relief valve without finding any faults), it could be the automatic air vent. You’ll be able to tell by taking off the plastic bottom panel and...
  17. mike fiore

    Odd body Honeywell V8043 zone valve

    not sure if thats it but looks like it
  18. mike fiore

    Odd body Honeywell V8043 zone valve

    3/4" Sweat QuickFit Zone Valve w/ End Switch, Terminal Block Brand: Honeywell Part#: V8043F5036 In Stock Pick Up available Get it by Fri, Nov 30 Usually ships: within 1 business day $87.95 / each $334.20 box of 4+ Free Shipping ($83.55 each)
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