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    Things that are Epic

    I found Momento to be an under rated and epic move, Pf was good too.
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    Connecting P-Trap to Drain

    is that for a shower? anyways, cut and couple the pipe to make it the length you need.
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    Bought a new laptop Lots of pics, some of these are 2 blocks from my house. I got nothing, but some communities are completelly off the...
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    What did you do today?

    Tuned up my new All mountain Bike, going to do 25 miles tomorrow. :) waiting for 4:30
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    Any sewer cleaning warrantee? sewer block due to roots twice in 4 days?

    A line SHOULD be clear for at least a few MONTHS after a proper clearing. Ive cleared lines Every year for some customers But never more, A camera is a good step to discover if there are additional problems. perhaps a different plumber. They Should be using Thick cables 1" i Dia At least...
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    Pics of some really cool ideas

    nice, of course i dig the pipe wrench table and the ping pong door is rad idea ( need one for slow days at the shop now ) But i sure as hell wouldnt want to have to help move the first engine table, nor would my feet be happy if i owned it ( tend to stub my toes around the house ) :) i dont...
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    Sprague 1A gas meter capacity?

    not off hand, if it slows down enough around here today I will do an internet search for you.
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    Why are backwater valves not available?

    also technically you are supposed to be certified when installing or maintaining these, my course was a Veeeeery loooong and boring 2 days.
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    Wrong drainage pipe installation - blocked drainage

    that is an S trap, it will always block and it will also syphon. Its a bad install in all ways as it should also not pass through the floor and instead come out of the wall to be proper. the easy way would be to re do this and put a T fitting where the 180' Down sweep is and run a cheater vent...
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    will not light

    defective pressure switch or perhaps you have a different venting issue as it should work if you are getting proper dravting and pressure in the vent. pics always help/
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    Bought a new laptop

    Thanks Phish, good to be back and Finally caught up with the workload ( We are In the heart of the Alberta flooding... not quite as bad here as high river though ) :)
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    grey water ejector in basement funny smell

    IT shouldnt be there as these are not rated for pressure. also The check valve is an important part of the system and should be in place.
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    What did you do today?

    haha, I need to download the submarine app first so i can retrieve it. Seriously though its tough as hell and has a Quad core ( apple still on dual core )
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    Drain / Vent Layout Question

    i suppose so but that syphoning happens due to the integral S trap, having one further down the line seems odd to me though I DO see what you mean.
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    Things that are Epic

    I use it often too, Every time I leave a job i consider it "EPIC!!!"
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    Water Heater Insufficient

    It is against code to use ANY tape on the Vent piping, you need to use 3 screws and NO tape. Also the acidity from the boiler discharge will destroy the mortar in the joints holding the chimny together in no time. to do this Correctlly you need to have a liner pulled in the chimney but you...
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    Is this HWH test dangerous?

    No this is a bad idea. Do not Mess with the original combustion chamber or its intakes. Check the screen under the tank, also youtr venting is attrocious, you have way to many bends and other issues. you also dont have 3' of vertical rise on the discharge ( minimal by code ) those tanks are a...
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    What did you do today?

    do it. my galaxy 4 is crazy fast and I can drop it in the ocean WITHOUT a case for it.. its that waterproof.. I love it. Apple is overpriced poo..
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    Inspector failed my DIY job... NEED HELP/ ADVICE

    :eek:you also cant use a 90 on its side ( the tub ) your wet vent serving 2 tubs is also incorrect, you cant bump a wet vented portion of pip up or down it must stay the same size throughout the vet vented portion. ( i refer to the original pictures where the pipe changes from 3" to 2" )...
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    Help replacing spigot attached to pvc?

    you Always need 2 ,
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