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    what supports do the pros prefer?

    I was wondering what straps or supports are preferred for PVC horizontal waste lines. I was planning to use the gray plastic straps, but I have seen sturdy rigid hangers that look better. These hangers cost a fortune by the time I do one every 4’, but I will spend the extra money if that is...
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    horizontal wet vent mock up, Please advise

    I will be ripping out my previous attempt at this per Frodo’s suggestion. Here is the mock up for my new plan. I will be doing a horizontal wet vent for the bathroom group and kitchen sink. I would appreciate feedback from the pros. (I promise if you help me through this I will never attempt...
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    changing cast iron to PVC

    Hello all, I have torn out the CI waste pipes and replaced with PVC. I basically copied the layout from the cast iron, but it occurred to me codes may have changed or I may have used the wrong fittings, so I figured it would be a good idea to get some feedback before calling it done. The layout...
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    Hello from a DIY homeowner

    I am a homeowner replacing my Cast Iron waste pipes with PVC and would like verification that I am doing it correctly. I will post my question soon. Thanks Martha
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