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    Cleaning drains with bleach

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    Cleaning drains with bleach

    I realize this is my third question today, but thought it better to separate them. Furthermore, I searched this forum for answers first before asking, but didn't find specifics. People seem to be split whether to use bleach to clean, disinfect, etc. in a drain. We think the recent cluster of...
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    basement floor drain for 1925 home

    I've seen references to both floor drains and foundation drains, is there a difference? There's a hole in our concrete basement floor approx. 3" in diameter; when I stick my finger in all is feel is dirt/gravel. Is there a P-trap underneath? Our main drain stack and 4"(?) waste pipe is...
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    What is this on my kitchen drain pipe?

    Hi, Calcium buildup, efflorescence? It wipes away fairly easy.
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    Your advice on pedestal sink needed

    After 12 years I replaced the sink on the bathroom pedestal, there was no prior drainage problem. Now the basin on the new sink fills after ~12 seconds. When I took apart the pedestal I also cleared the P-trap, extension pipe, and drain of hair, sludge, etc. I sawed about 1" of the the tail...
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