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    Kholer jacuzzi tub

    This thing leaks at the valve in the wall that is pictured on the right. Customer wants to fix it, is it possible to fix it’s my first time working with these any advice?
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    New shower valve install

    I set this up the other day we’re remodeling the downstairs bathroom for a customer. New shower drain and shower valve along with new drain for vanity sink. Does anyone see anything I need to do before we close up the wall? Can I get away with the air chamber the way it’s set up or should I move...
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    Mainline Clog inside House Trap

    Will keep it brief to save all you hard working people some eye strain. Located the clog inside the house trap. The only clean out is the one in the basement which is tougher to snake from now that the whole sewer lateral line is full of water. Got the crew in and dig up a couple squares of...
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