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  1. Hamberg

    New gurgling noise

    Had our kitchen redone (and all of the plumbing) 2 years back. We have a prep sink opposite the regular sink. In the the last few weeks I started hearing a gurgling noise coming from the drain on the opposite sink that is being used. Any idea what "generally" causing such noises? (side note...
  2. Hamberg

    Toilet defect?

    Can't imagine how this would happen but I have basement toilet (feeds to a grinder pump) that has started draining slowly and most of the time does not completely flush on the first time. There is a bar sink and dishwasher feeding the same pump and neither have drainage problems. The water...
  3. Hamberg

    Shower temp issues...

    I have a "kids" bath/shower that only gets lukewarm when the Master bath shower is running. The kids bath (2nd floor) is directly above the water heater (basement) and the master bathroom (2nd floor) is on the complete opposite side of the house. There is an in-law bath/shower directly under...
  4. Hamberg

    Closed off stack pipe

    Not sure if this is a code issue but could someone tell me if this is a legit solution or should it have been done differently? Appears they tied into (and closed off) the stack pipe connection. IMG_2826 by Hamberg posted Sep 17, 2019 at 9:38 AMIMG_2829a by Hamberg posted Sep 17, 2019 at 9:33 AM
  5. Hamberg

    Stainless or brass

    Had a bath rehab last year and the plumber used iron pipe to test the body jets and left the pipes in - needless to say - after 3 months - every time we turn on the body jets it spews out rust :mad:. Finally getting around to replacing the nipples. what is considered best practice; stainless...
  6. Hamberg

    Tying tankless to tank version

    (short lead in... had an addition build a couple years back and a Rheem ECO200 9.5 GPM tankless unit installed - addition is 1 bth, kitchen and laundry - with the anticipation of tying it into the main section at some point) Question: what is the best practice to do so? Would it be best to run...
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