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    Antibacterial Septic Issues

    It's easy enough to prove your theory. Check the sludge level with a sludge measurement tool. Tank sludge level is usually never higher than 1/3 of tank depth. Because at 1/3 level the sludge is carried out of the tank by flow currents. Or if you installed a effluent filter on the tank discharge...
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    Antibacterial Septic Issues

    Hello, At one time had a email forum. A member posted the story. I searched my saved emails but no luck. The new forum is at: COLE Publishing Forums - Powered by vBulletin I also checked for rumor status. Nothing at snopes. I'll post if I can find anything else...
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    Antibacterial Septic Issues

    I read a article once. Don't remember where. I think it was a university that keep dumping bleach into a septic tank until all bacteria action was stopped. They checked it the 24 hours later and it was alive again. Every time I've heard of dead bacteria in a tank it was traced back to...
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    Hello Plumbing pros & DIY Guys

    Pretty cool Forum. I get bored easily. I'm a retired Sears HVAC tech slash whatever I could play with in 20 years in the shop and on the road. United Electronics grad. Expert on F111-D Fighter Bomber IDS. Built my own drag cars & raced NHRA for 17 years. Garage Mole (per my brothers), link...
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    cleaning perimeter drain with pressure washer

    Zeppelin, I'm assuming Jetter not pressure washer. A jetter will cut roots. Me being an old guy I can do most anything with cable also. Spinning cable with running water is what we had before jetters. Jetter is a pressure washer with a self-propelling nozzle. Multiple rear spray holes & usually...
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    Cleaning cables

    Hello majakdragon, If you never used sectional machines, the "open wind" cables are a different breed. You can't wipe them. Best, Dennis..... Three '79 Dodge B200's Three 1979 Dodge B200 Vans Early '79 had 2 round headlamps, mid year went to 4 rectangular lamps. White Van going into...
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    Mechanical Damper?

    The idea is to stop heated air from leaving the house but i don't feel much escapes from the water heater. It would be different on a overhead garage heater with a 4 or 5" hole near the ceiling. PS. Tankless water heaters are a joke. You'll never recover the unit cost in energy savings...
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    Water softener on septic system

    The oxygen getting to the old system through your drain pipe will renew it in about 15 years like you never used it. Code probably requires everthing to go to the septic system but Oh Well... I've though about using the softener discharge to de-ice the driveway. Seems like it would work...
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    How do I maintain my Septic?

    Very good gentlemen, Just remember to pump out regularly. Additives are usually not needed but having a customer use additives reminds them they have a septic system. Versus out of sight, out of mind. Dennis.... My big toy:Tanker Restoration
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    Cleaning cables

    Here is the cable cleaner I made to use with a pressure washer. Cleaning sectional cables - RIDGID Plumbing Forum, Woodworking Forum, Power Tool Forum Dennis.....
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