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    My toilet has lost its oomph!

    When I flush my toilet, all the water goes down the drain as it should. But solid waste does not; it takes 2 or 3 flushes for that to go down. (and no- there has been no change in my solid waste!) A plumber checked my toilet and said that he didn't notice anything wrong with it, but there...
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    Freezing tub trap

    And this will be enough to keep it from freezing? It doesn't need some source of heat?
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    Freezing tub trap

    My tub trap is under the floor in an extremely shallow, unheated crawl space. My house is up on peers and the crawl space floor is dirt with the skirting of the house coming down to the ground. It is too shallow for anyone to get in there and insulate the skirting. I want to try to live in the...
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    Making a summer house into a year-round house

    It does have skirting around it. The house is so low to the ground that there is no way to access much of the crawl space- so it would be impossible to completely insulate it. One plumber told me that as long as there is no draft on it, the trap won't freeze; but several others have said that...
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    Making a summer house into a year-round house

    My house in northern New York state was originally built as a cabin for summer use but I have since added insulation and I am hoping to live in it year-round. The biggest issue is the water– Right now all my pipes are just set up for summer use. My house is up on cinderblocks – it does not have...