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    leaking shower

    I would try ticking things off by one by one starting with showerhead. Check the inside of showerhead if it's leaking at the back from the metal cover piece being loose which in this case seems its not the case. Then move on to the shower tile by plugging the drain, and pouring a layer of...
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    Tub Drain Overflow Leak

    Thanks I think I found a matching piece set for it finally. My other question is does the rubber gasket after putting on the pvc drain overflow pipe need to be glued with silicone sealant onto the tub? Would that prevent it from coming off the tub? There was also a big rubber washer that was...
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    Tub Drain Overflow Leak

    Basically I have a tub drain overflow leak and I need a solution to fix it. I'm a DIY'er but I can't figure out a solution to completely stop the leak from happening again in the future. Is there a better solution other than using a rubber gasket like the one below shown to stick on to the...
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    Newbie Here!

    Hello new here. Just a homeowner trying to fix some small diy maintenance problems with an old house and needed some professional advice to do things right.
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