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    Gas Water Heater Installation - Flex Line vs Rigid Pipes

    You guys catch everything, well there is a drip leg already but it should be closer to the fixture it serves. As for the tank being elevated here it’s not code to have a stand but if there is one we can leave it or drop it on the floor. What it’s supposed to do is prevent the water heater from...
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    Drain pipe coming out of wall too big for p trap

    Small section of abs pipe and the trap adapter fitting that Frodo posted will then allow you to go to 1 1/2 pipe.
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    Overflowing outside drain clog - please help

    Main is clogged somewhere, do you have a housetrap? If you do see if the water level is higher then normal then snak/rod/plunger from there. If the water level is normal then work it toward the house given that drain is close by.... where’s that drain located in the picture?
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    How hard would this be to make?

    Looks like a nice idea, is this functional? Medium to hard difficulty...
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    loud sewage pump

    Is the water draining/ejecting from the pit? Check the one way check valve might be blocked up. Let us know how it goes.
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    Adding a bathroom in the basement

    How is that toilet set up? Looks like a tee, if you can put a wye 4x4 or 4x3 or 4x2 whatever you have set up for the vent and then tie it in. What about sink/sinks?
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    Novice. Help Moving toilet.

    How is the flange is it plastic slip style where it just slides over the outside of the sch 40 pvc pipe or inside the pipe? Take a picture of the closet flange from above looking downward into the drain.
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    Main shut off valve

    At the meter or are you turning the valve where it enters your property? Do you have pictures of this?
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    replacing moen kitchen faucet

    Should just spin the plate with the screws counter clockwise. Spray a little Wd-40 if it’s hard to budge.
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    Dwv for house?

    The sewer lateral is only 3”inch. Looks like your going to upsize that pipe to handle two bathrooms. What about clean outs? There is a limit on length/size for vents check to see how your outline measures up. Your going to need to know measurements of pipe runs.
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    Installing laundry tub

    What kind of laundry sink? We need to see the drain then draw up a plan for you.
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    Request help removing old kitchen faucet

    It’s from above. Remove the spray head and hose, then take off the goose neck from above. You need a special grohe tool or crescent wrench [emoji373] to unscrew. Once you get the neck off you should see how to get it off. Or call grohe if it’s not clear enough.
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    shower drain rough in help

    The location of the tape measure is where the new shower drain is proposed? How about toilet and sink? Location of new walls, Sewer main under floor, installing new water lines for shower valve? Drawings/plans?
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