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    Hello Everyone

    Im in Southern Sydney ..... Actually the Southern Highlands... Thats good to know...thanks for saying G day DC
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    Washing machine sends plumbing all out of whack!

    Its a pleasure. good luck with it . d
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    Tapping well line, worried about pressure...

    You will need to increase the size of the suction line from the junction up ONE size only . also , a non return valve on the separate building inlet ON / OFF tap. If there is a less than totally sealed valve in the building , it will return air into the main suction line and delivery will...
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    Tapping well line, worried about pressure...

    Am I missing something here???? Your drawing indicates that the line you are going to tap into is the line between the foot valve and the inlet of the pressure pump which appears to be in the main dwelling.? Or , is there another delivery pump at the well site ?? Ive worked alot with...
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    Washing machine sends plumbing all out of whack!

    Caduceus is right. A floor waste is more than likely to be underneath the hot water heater. Other than that , it is a CLASSIC blocked drain. You need to get it cleared DC
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    Leak Issue

    Got to agree with the dye.
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    Pulsating Pipe Nightmare - Bad PRV?

    I wonder how many times well intended plumbers have installed water hammer arrestors when the culprit is a bargain basement ball cock.
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    Pulsating Pipe Nightmare - Bad PRV?

    One other suggestion. Try shutting off the washing machine taps and see if the noise still exists. Most people leave them on all the time. If there is a loose washer and the taps are left permanently on , it can vibrate like you mentioned.
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    Leak under kitchen sink

    Hmmm Sounds more like it is coming from the supply , not the drainage side. Did I miss something here ????
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    Converting sink drain to tub

    Got to agree with MR David on this one ABS/PVC
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    Hello Everyone

    LOL yes it is the hold your breath and dive straight into your work method . J Or the head down arse up attitude to work
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    Loss of hot water pressure and pipes "vibrate"

    Check also , the Pressure limiting valve on the inlet side (cold inlet) of your hot water tank. If the return spring fails , you will get an initial blast of normal pressure , then , over a few seconds , it drops quite markedly. If you remove the valve and give it a try without it. If...
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    Need to cap off an iron water pipe 3/4 for renos, do I need to thread the pipe?

    Unscrew the steel pipe back to its last fitting. then put a plug or cap on the already threaded pipe. You cannot solder Iron like copper... Good luck
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    Hello Everyone

    Thanks to all who welcomed me. I look forward to some good conversations here on the forum. D
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