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    House Water Leak – Long

    Where are you located? Maybe one of us can refer a good plumber or two in your area??
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    "Japanese" bathrooms

    Sounds like camper bathrooms to me? Remember to set the toilet paper in the hall before you take a shower.
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    Expansion Tank Mounting -- can I use previous relief port?

    All the more reason to involve a competent professional
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    Expansion Tank Mounting -- can I use previous relief port?

    As long as the static pressure of the home is 80 psi or less then yes you could remove it. But who knows someone could've installed this instead of a proper prv.
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    Push-fit Polybutylene Adapter

    If the polybutylene end is on copper it makes no difference. If it's on pex that's bad and should be replaced immediately. The difference is the stiffener not the coupling. Polybutylene requires a larger stiffener due to walls being thinner than pex.
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    Help Please!! I can't use my kitchen sink!

    As stated above time for a new faucet.
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    Advice on Frozen Water Supply...

    Frodo try this simple experiment. Cut two pieces of copper 2' long, Cap one end and solder a female on other end fill both with water and plug. Wrap yours with rubbatex and Fiberglass if you like. Throw it in the freezer then throw the unprotected one on top of freezer. Wait a week.
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    Advice on Frozen Water Supply...

    Wow that's deep. I've seen it freeze to about 28" here but that was a really bad winter. That's as deep as I've saw it.
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    Advice on Frozen Water Supply...

    Here our frostline is 36" but I'm 2-300 miles south of the Michigan border. I can imagine frostlines run much deeper there. But the Carolinas are several hundred miles south of here.
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    Advice on Frozen Water Supply...

    Wait your contradicting yourself now it's 32 degrees?? I thought it was wind, surely the wind isn't blowing underground right?
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    Advice on Frozen Water Supply...

    This apartment was remodeled by someone using your theory and insulating the pipe. The picture speaks for itself.
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    Expansion Tank Mounting -- can I use previous relief port?

    Funny they show it on the left of the heater, must be looking from the backside but typically it would be on the right, always on cold feed.
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    Advice on Frozen Water Supply...

    And again code says the water lines shall be protected from freezing, not that the line itself should be insulated, that it shall be protected with insulation. I mentioned the best way to do that. As long as you can keep convincing folks to insulate just the pipe with black or gray foam I have...
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    How can I increase volume for large rain shower head

    Just curious does your home have a pressure reducing valve? If so put your pressure gauge on and check static pressure with nothing flowing. Then leave a faucet on and check pressure, if it drops more than 5 or 10 psi you may have found a problem.
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    2 ways to flush a hot water heater - which is better?

    I've honestly never shut water off to flush a tank and not sure why you would? I'm just curious who on the internet draws up these steps? Leave water on and open drain, let water run till water runs really clear, then a few more minutes. Thank wife kindly and put hose away. Oh and Dayton...
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