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    Stumped with sewer smell

    Yes studor vents are working and when they remodeled the upstairs, the downstairs wasnt touched
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    Stumped with sewer smell

    Im trying to figure out this customers sewer smell problem. Background is his downstairs bathroom is periodically getting sewer smell coming from his shower is where they mostly notice it after a shower. The bathroom is all tile sitting on a slab so theres no way to get to it. It didnt start...
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    Water heater fire

    The only way I could figure out to put a picture of it up is to put it as my profile picture . I have pictures of it but I can't figure out how to post pictures on here so I'll just ask about it. So my buddy was complaining that he had no hot water in the shower then asked me to look at his...
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    Hey everyone, My name is Cassidy, I started plumbing in 2004 in Utah under the IPC book, I attended the plumbers apprenticeship program they had at Dixie Applied Technology College in St. George from 2004-2007. I wouldve finished my last year but the economy got so bad down there it was near...
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