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    1. Bab
      Hi Experts,
      Could you please clarify below points based on the drainage water flow from the diagram?
      As you can see the drain water is flowing from house 1 to 6 and then into main hole. I have recently moved to new home and experienced drainage blockage 4 times in a row within span of 4 weeks. And builder says that blockage is due someone from houses 2 to 6 flushing baby wipes or kind of things into toilets that causing blockage to my house first and then eventually the impact will be on all the houses.
      My question is how come my house will be impacted first and I really surprized as the drainage is flowing from my house to far end house number 6 and then into main hole. Based on the below drain flow
      1) If the house number 1 flushed baby wipes which house will be blocked first.

      Many thanks,
    2. cjplumber
      I'm a plumbing contractor in California how do I get access thank you
    3. johnjh2o
      Keith how can I get access to the pro plumber forum? Is it a matter of not having enough posts? I am a retired plumbing & heating contractor that was in business for over 50 years.

      Thanks John
    4. vaillyjatt
      Hi Would like to get access please
      pro plumber
    5. km23033
      Hi, I am a Master Plumber & Plumbing Contractor in Texas for over 28 years. Can I get access to the pro plumbers only forum? Thank you, Kim
    6. Another-Plumber
      Hi, i have been doing plumbing for over 20 years, can i please have access to the plumbers only fourm? thanks, ask me anything.. Bob
    7. Another-Plumber
      Hi, i have been doing plumbing for over 20 years, can i please have access to the plumbers only fourm? thanks, ask me anything.. Bob
    8. kevloomes
      Not sure if I'm allowed?


      Our company has a product called 'Plumbers Mate', which is a client database that also does invoices, estimates, unique mailings, fantastic reports, appointments, sales accounts etc.

      I just wondered how I can let your forum members know - as I didnt want to go barging in and post something without your permission. I dont think thats right tbh.

      Anyway, the site is: Plumbing Software - Industry Leading Software for Plumbers in the UK, see what you think, and if acceptable can you let me know if its ok to let them know?

      Kind regards

      Kevin Loomes

      p.s. Although the site is a UK one, when installed you simply select USA to show your own currency/regional settings etc.
    9. abr
      Hi Keith, I am a plumbing contractor in washington state. I have been a plumber since 1984. I would like access to the pro plumbers area. Thanks, Adam
    10. splevesque
      Morning Keith, I am a estimator and field super at a plumbing company in tallahassee. And would like access to this page. Thanks
    11. lordofthepipes
      hello Keith, i am a Illinois licensed plumber and co owner of a local plumbing company. can you please allow me access to the pro forum. thanks, John
    12. thendricksen
      Hey Keith,
      I currently work with plumbers and geothermal heat pump installers across the country to help with marketing and web design. I would love to be able to talk with some of the professional plumbers, to see their needs when it comes to marketing. This is in no way a sales pitch, or advertisement, I'm just trying to generate discussion to see what their troubles are when it comes to marketing and advertising. Hopefully I will be able to provide more cost and time effective information and tips that will bring real value to your readers. If I could have access to this area, that would be great. Thanks in advance Keith,


      P.S. - Your private message mail box is full
    13. ReelPlumber
      Hi Keith, I am a plumbing contractor in the Orlando, Florida area and would like acess to the professional section.
    14. wynn1
      Would like to be able to get on the professional site. Retired last year after 40 years in the business for myself. Still licensed and am doing some small jobs for my best customers. You know, the ones that appreciate you enough to pay..........
    15. virtualplumber
      I would like access to professional forum please. andy wyatt ohio licensed plumber
    16. redmanplumber
      i would like access to the plumbers forum. i am an inactive master plumber in south louisana
    17. Chris
      Hey get off here and get back to vacation.:D
    18. theflatlander
      wondering if i could get access to the professional forum? just became a journeyman and could share info as far as commerical plumbing as far as in hospitals and in schools.
    19. Chris
      Wierd I came in to view your profile and it says you are viewing mine at the same time. What are you looking for?
    20. Chris
      He's up to two friends now.
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