Noisy Pool Pump Motor (Part Two)

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In part two of this article, you will have to either replace the pool pump motor bearings, or replace the motor entirely. But since you don't want to waste money by buying a new pump motor, the best thing to do is replace the bearings. When working on the bearings, you'll want to disconnect the entire motor from the filter and power source. You can also turn off the circuit broker if you choose. To remove the system, loosen the union collars of the discharge hoses by turning counterclockwise. You can then work on the pump in a place you feel comfortable.


The next step is removing the pump housing from the motor. The housing portion covers the wiring of the motor. There are several ways of doing so, depending on what brand of motor you have. For instance, if you have Pentair or Sta-right, you need to loosen a bolt with a metal band on it. For a Hayward, you need to remove four bolts behind the pump. Always refer to the manufacturer's instructions if unsure.

Diffuser and Impeller

Once you have the pump housing lifted, you're going to remove the diffuser from the seal housing, and remove the impeller from the motor shaft.

Pool Pump Diffuser. Image from AZ Partsmaster

Image from INYO Pools

If you you're having trouble removing the impeller, you can remove the impeller by using a strap wrench, or you can use a regular wrench as leverage to remove the impeller.

Taking Apart the Motor

Now you're going to really dig in by disassembling the pump motor itself. You'll need to take apart the motor in order to replace the bearings. Remove the front and back covers by looking for four bolts around the system. The front and back ends are in bell-shaped form. If having trouble, you can use a flathead screwdriver to pry it open, but do this carefully. These four bolts are standard for most pump motors, but refer to your manual if unsure. The next step is removing the motor armature and using your puller to take out the old bearings. When it comes to bad bearings, you might was well replace both of them, since it will not be likely that you'll be tinkering with this piece of machinery for a while. When pressing onto the motor shaft, you're going to install the new bearings using an arbor press or bearings tool. A bearings tool is that fits over the shaft to evenly press the bearing onto the shaft. The overall goal is to get the new bearings onto the armature.

Reassemble the Motor

After this is accomplished, you are ready to reassemble the motor. Work your way back by sliding the armature back into place and placing the front and back coverings over the motor. Then you're going to replace the seal pump and attach the housing pump back onto the motor. Reattach the pump back to the filter system, along with the suction and unions by turning the union collars in a clockwise motion. You can use a pair of channel locks to make sure it is locked in place. Once all is set, you can prime the pump with some water and plug it in to start it up.

Taking apart the pool motor is a bit technical for some, but it can be done without the aid of a professional. All it requires is patience and knowing where everything falls into place.

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