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01-21-2010 8:02 PM


  • Posted in thread: Apprentice Torture Methodology on 01-21-2010 at 08:00 PM
    I like the thought of some newbie running around all day lookipng for tings that don't exist. I
    wish my field had something like that.

  • Posted in thread: Add a basement shower on 01-07-2010 at 11:22 PM
    UPC(Uniform Plumbing Code) requires a 2" drain for showers.Is that based on thew volume of
    water it can hold? What would be the disadvantage of the 1 1/2?

  • Posted in thread: Sewer Manhole on 01-07-2010 at 11:19 PM
    Well I have another stupid question. Is that pipping to bring in fresh water? I've always taken
    for granted that it works and never took the time to learn about it. I'm hopping to get
    schooled here.

  • Posted in thread: Sewer Manhole on 01-07-2010 at 10:17 PM
    See now that reaffirms my belief that I could live under the streets fighting crime.

  • Posted in thread: Sewer Manhole on 01-07-2010 at 09:44 PM
    Well blame the Ninja Turtles but I assumed there was a large livable space under those things.

  • Posted in thread: Plumbing Vans on 01-07-2010 at 09:43 PM
    Thanks the lack of responses made me think it was a stupid question.

  • Posted in thread: I guess now is the time to ask... on 01-07-2010 at 09:42 PM
    Why don't plumbers where coveralls?

  • Posted in thread: Ratz!! on 01-07-2010 at 09:41 PM
    What! Rats did that? How long would it take one to do that?

  • Posted in thread: Plumbing Vans on 01-06-2010 at 08:09 PM
    I'm glad I found this site I've had questions. Do you guys buy your vans then modify them or is
    there a place you can buy an already modded van? I would think there is a place because it
    seems most pl...

  • Posted in thread: Sewer Manhole on 01-06-2010 at 08:01 PM
    Well I feel stupid but what does that do?


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