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Default Central Heating pump not working, help please?

Hi everyone,

First time poster (please be gentle).

Generally handy chap in need of a little more expertise, if possible.

A few nights ago, my radiators went cold

Having tried all the resets and radiator bleeding etc., I noticed that whilst the boiler was kicking in and the hot water tank was filling, the background pump noise was missing, so I located the pump (Picture 1, attached - note the compromised power chord to the lower left). I didn't notice the power lead, at first and simply increased the setting from 2 to 3, without any luck (I also gave the pump a couple of measured wallops in case there was some debris inside, stopping the pump). No joy.

I then noticed the power cable is all split and the live wire's core is actually exposed (pics 2 and 3 attached).

Is it likely (or possible) that simply rewiring the pump may effect a repair?

Are there any pitfalls I may encounter (incidentally, the current plug is of the very old-fashioned small (half-size?) round pin variety which I suspect may be not even earthed.......should I also replace that?).

What may have caused this as I believe the pump is only around four years old?

The back of my upright freezer hides the in-kitchen-wall plumbing and is probably around 3 to 4 inches away from the pump and the cable. Should I place a barrier between, do you think?

I know it may appear that I'm trying to answer my own questions, but am not attempting to state-the-bleedin'-obvious, rather I am nervous of cocking it all up, through my ignorance.

Many thanks for reading.

Please feel free to ask questions.

Jib T

PA120314_heating-pump-001.jpg   PA120316_heating-pump-002x800.jpg   PA120318_heating-pump-003x800.jpg  
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PS. Do I need any specialist electrical cable or can I use heavy-duty, three-core, white sleeved cable, of which I have a drum of.

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