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Default Smell in shower drain

I had all of my shower plumbing redone three years ago and now I have a smell in my drain that only seems to appear after showering. I have cleaned the drain (using various methods and products) and today even had a plumber run a "smoke test" to check for an air leak in the lines - nothing. I am stumped. The plumber also suggested it might be my hot water tank but no other places smell when the hot water runs/collects.

If anyone has any thoughts I would love to hear them. Thanks so very much.

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Nothing comes to mind, but I am staying tuned to see if someone else can come up with a credible explanation.

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What kind of smell?? Rotten eggs( sulfur)????
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Uassually showers u notice a smell first because the trap is so close. It also could be a buildup of veal in your overflow.
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You said you had all your plumbing redone.
That does'nt mean it was done right.
What exactly was redone?
Was this a tub/shower or just a shower.
tile/fiberglass/ ?
You say you smell odors after you use the shower.
I could be possible it wasn't vented properly and the p-trap ( providing there is one) is not holding the trap seal.
Stand alone showers require a 2" drain and you should be able to look down into it and see water holding in bottom of drain.
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My friend had the same issue. But I failed to ask what exactly she did to fix it.
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was this smell noticablle immediatelly after the work was done or is it recent.

could be as simple as hair and such caught up in the p-trap. I have once found a problem like this caused by a hangar underneith ( galvanized strapping ) not done well at all ( a nail placed through the loop and not a stove bolt ) that released and caused the line to bow and in effect created an s trap that partially syphoned the trap after use. problem was resolved by properly supporting the pipe and checking grade. though this was a very odd instance and unlikely in many cases, my intent is to say that there are a number of things, some subtle that can cause issues.

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