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Default moen cartridge removal problem
My dh says we have a Moen single handle shower posi temp faucet, it turns and does not pull. We have a problem: when the faucet is turned on it comes out cold, as you turn the faucet counterclockwise less and less water comes out and it never turns hot, eventually when you reach the end no water comes out at all.
We bought a repair kit for the Moen "posi-temp". It was the one that matched our faucet
The tool that came with the kit, will not break the cartridge loose. Because as the pic. A shows, the brass casing won't allow for the cartridge to be twisted and broken free. I have also included pic b as a front view for more info.
How can I remove this cartridge?

kit.jpg   pic b.jpg   pic a.jpg  

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There is a tool that is needed to pull that stem. The one they send you is junk. Here is a link to the tool you need. You may be able to find one in the big box stores also. But there are two different types one is for the old stile stem the other is for there new posi-temp stem. You have the posi-temp stem.


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Based on how you described the problem, it seems like you might need a whole new cartridge, not just the rubber seals that go on the outside of the cartridge that are pictured. Ive never seen one of those valves do what you described, Id double check to make sure the plastic peices that go on when you install the trim were on properly. You can see if that was the problem by turning the valve stem without trim on to see if theres any difference.

From what i understand they're pressure balanced valves. Meaning that if theres not equal pressure coming from the hot and cold side, you'll only get a trickle of water when you turn the valve on, so I would say the problem is inside the cartridge.
Its more than likely a mineral build up type of problem, but ive seen solder balls stuck inside them before : /

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Moen cartridges are a PITA to replace. Doesn't matter if it is a posi temp or not. I find that Delta's are the easiest to replace, they also don't need replacing as often. Same with Price Pfister.

If you want an install it and forget it. Get a Grohe. You may pay more but I have only ever been asked for one cartridge in six years.
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I was also having a problem removing a Moen cartridge so I made a little tool out of a 1" copper elbow. You can see how it is cut from the pic. A dowel in the uncut end allowed me to twist the cartridge and the bevels in the brass body effectively lever it out.

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