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Default Need help removing shower diverter valve

I have a hot, cold and pull out shower diverter system in my bathroom for the tub/shower. My problem is that when filling only the tub, water squirts out from the center shower diverter stem and some comes out of the shower head itself. I am assuming that the diverter cartridge needs replacing so I tried to disassemble the setup but ran into a problem trying to remove the cartridge. It seems stuck or maybe I am missing some other part, that needs to be removed, before I can take this out and replace it. I cannot see any obvious "c" clips or retaining washers of any kind and have given this unit several hard pulls to remove it to no avail. I cannot seem to identify the manufacturer (maybe Delta or American Standard) although any insight on how to make that determination will be welcomed. Attached are 4 pictures of the valve. The first is after I took all aesthetic materials apart to get to the "meat and potato's" of the valve. The second, third, and fourth pictures are after I have removed an internally threaded nut that I thought was holding the whole setup together. Any insight on where to proceed next will be greatly appreciated as I would like to change out this valve to fix the issue at hand.

Image00001.jpg   Image00002.jpg   Image00003.jpg   Image00004.jpg  
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Hard to tell exactly what is going on there. Usually these things just unscrew.

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Trim out around the inside a little more.
you might be able to see a hexagonal bonnet that you can turn with a set of faucet wrenches.

Then again you may have already removed what you need. Try unscewing the stem.
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Default shower diverter valve

OK, I have tried cleaning out around the valve a little better but I don't see how, if even possible, one of those deep plumbers socket would fit into the recess between the actual valve and the housing. I have tried to turn the stem but it just rotates continuously and doesn't seem to do anything to help with the removal. I have pulled very hard on the stem trying to get the valve to come out but it is either corroded inside or is being held by some other means I can't seem to identify. Would it be helpful if I go behind the wall to look at the main valve? Is there anything I would look for? This seemingly simply job is starting to drive me "nuts" as I didn't foresee this being a problem at all. Was this valve supposed to be held in by the initial fitting I removed which can be seen still attached in picture 1 but removed for the next 3 pictures? Do the majority of these valves unscrew after this step or are they simply "slide in" types?
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Spinning the stem will do nothing for you. When you chiseled the plaster away from the hex head (looks like I can see it in the "before" pics), did you attempt using one of the sockets to unscrew it from the body? Keep in mind it has been there for many years, and a few shots of PB Blaster and waiting overnight may allow it to unscrew easier.

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