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Default Anode rod ??

I replace my anode rod yesterday and I took a picture of it to show you guys how bad my 6 year old rod looks.

I just learned about this in school a few weeks back and just did it myself for $30.00.

Question one is, the directions that came with the rod tells me to flush the system with a cup of bleach for every 5 gallons of water (50 gallons so 10 cups of bleach, sounds like a lot), then to run each hot water faucet until their is no order of chlorine.

Does this include the washer line?

Not sure how long this would take, or how much hot water that would use.

How important is this to do? They do not do mention this step in any videos on this.

I have a dog, so does the bleach get in to the cold water line as well?

The directions with the rod say use pipe joint compound or Teflon tape, which is better?.

I was told by home depot that Tplus 2 pipe thread sealant is ok to use for this, is that true?

What's the difference between Tplus 2 and pipe joint compound if any?

I bought both and went with the thread sealant do to it went in easier

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Ummm, whatever you said about your avatar.

Uhhhhhh, yeah, I agree.........

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Cold water is already clorinated by the water supplier.
The clorine is destroyed by the heat from heating the water.
That is way you should never use hot water from the tap to make tea.
Use plain clorine. It wont hurt any thing. It's just to help sanitize the hot system.
I have never heard of doing that though.
I've been doing service work for over 25 yrs and I think I have only replaced 1 anode rod. Looks like there was a lot of that one still left.
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Yeah that rod looks about how it should after 6 years, probably had another 6 in it. Ah well, never hurts to change it.

No idea what the hell "T plus 2" is, had to look it up. It should be fine from what the company claims. RectorSeal® T Plus 2® Product Datasheet
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