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Default Washer drain

Hi all,

I would like to install a line to allow my washer to drain into the waste line, rather than into the utility sink where the previous owners have it draining. The laundry room is in a basement closet, the back wall of which separates the finished basement from the unfinished crawlspace, where all the pipes are. A plumber previously told me that what I want cannot be done, but (until now) I had not attempted to investigate myself. However, I think I discovered a way. That said, I am an amateur homeowner (and a n00b one at that), so I am sure that I am overlooking something that my professional probably noticed. The photo of my pipes is attached.

My proposed solution would be to tie into the drain pipe highlighted in green, which is 2" and I believe copper. The vertical segment of that pipe begins approximately 16" above the floor, and goes up from there. I would tie into the vertical segment. (This particular pipe is hard to see in the photo because of the 3" pipes in front of it that are blocking the view.)

From there, the pipe would run approximately 8 feet to the right. Keeping with a .25" per ft slope, the pipe would end at approximately 18" above the floor. From there, I would attach a P-trap, and finally a standpipe somewhere between 18" and 30" in height (terminating between 36" and 48" above the floor). The washer drain hose would come in through the wall, and go on top of the standpipe.

Does my proposed design look OK to you? I feel that this approach would have been obvious to the plumber, so the fact that he didn't recommend it suggests that there was a reason.

P.S. Other information you might find pertinent: height of crawlspace is 52" to the bottom of the joists; plus the 9" vertical space between joists. Municipality is Hinsdale, DuPage County, Illinois.

[EDIT]: Yes, that is an existing dryer vent where I want the washer (and its drain) to go. The washer and dryer will be trading places.

[EDIT 2]: The proposed routing of my new piping is in blue, and would be 2" PVC (unless that is not suitable).

washer drain.JPG  

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