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I have quote of 10K to fix the line (which isn't possible at this time). The company that comes to jet the line every 4 months spends about 20-25 min from start to finish to jet the line. It is worth my while to spend twice the amount of time to take care of this myself.

So my concern at this point is whether the jetter (whose specifics I have identified) above will be sufficient for the job. Any comments? Thanks.

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Just landed here in search of best pressure washer 2017!
Looking for recommendations.

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In the 1980s I lived in a rental house. Once there was a sewer blockage of some sort, and the landlord brought along a rubber check ball of some kind, which he attached to a garden hose. He ran the hose and ball into a cleanout in the basement, and when he turned on the water it vibrated the pipe quite impressively, and washed out the clog. I hadn't thought about it for decades until the reference to vibration in this thread.

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