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I see two problems:

The pro plumber did not support the fixtures he "floated them" (piping below valve supported by solder joints, value unsupported too): so i had no idea i would have to do better than that, or what problem i'd be adding by making that rotated angle (difficulty in supporting each of the 4 in a rigid manner - because it wasn't rigid at all before). (damn thing is an insurance person inspected it all and said it was all normal, the J pipe in the back, which i had to make a special lid for - it had been allowing sewer gasses in the basement)

I should de-solder the lower T and re-solder on an assembly that I can easier access and make "rigid". (i hate this because the dang copper fixtures cost me nearly $20 - and unsure i'll find a way to use them).

I should do it while "the solder is still fresh" - not wait a week. Reasons to put off not to get started: #1.

Lesson learned! Why I thought a pro installation was a good enough guide to go by I don't know, guess I was in a hurry and trying to save $$ on parts.

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