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Default weight limits on pipe - supporting pipe "right"

i just added the ball valves and shiny part at the bottombut did *not* change the pipe support. (i'm thinking of adding more support?)

the support is the same as some "proffesional" plumber had installed (a single copper nail in 2x4).

worrysome to me is ballvalve+pipe on right: notice how it makes a 90 degree and the weight of pipe+hose is supported by one copper pipe nail pressing on pipe. (if the weight of the pipe + hose causes an issue, or if "bumped badly", there would be a pipe burst)

one coppper hook puts pressure on pipe (i'm not too excited about that: these can form small dents in pipe)

HISTORY: the professional had even more weight on it per say: before there was faucet on the 2x4 with 1 hose down, and under that a 2' copper extension hooked left headed toward washer (to provide shorter washer hose need) - the 2' extension parallel to floor was roughly supported by electrical wire wrapped around a nail.

FIX: i suppose i can use a non-corrosive strap over a nail which suspends the opposite ammount of weight OR find some way to better hold pipe+fixture.

CODE: what is the code here ? url to it or something please ?

ADVICE: does the above look "right" or no, looks wrong you'd suggest to fix it ?

(details: the two hoses about counterbalance each other, the colored hose is supported by a tie to reduce sagging (cannot be seen) and though bent, isn't pulling much. as it is: the pipes can slide if pushed, but not on their own. NOTE: the lower fixture below the 2x4 and nail is relying on the soldered parts to stay together to hold the weight of the hoses)


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