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As I have said in previous threads that I have given my opinion, I am in no way shape or form a professional plumber, just a DIY'er with a good deal of experience from my own 'issues'... With that being said, personally if it were me, depending on access to all your black-water piping, I would attempt to replace that entire run to the main with ABS... if unable to do so, I would use a carbide tipped blade on my recip. saw, WEAR A RESPIRATOR, and cut the existing pipe somewhere along the lines of 12-18" from the elbow shown in the picture, and use ABS to a fernco connector as you stated. This way, you eliminate that old elbow and the potential for future drain issues in that spot.

Again, just my own opinion and if there's something specifically wrong with what I state, please anyone feel free to point it out as one of the best ways to learn is constructive criticism or whatever you want to call it.
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