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Default Toilet Flange and Pipe Help


I just purchases a house and after a bathroom teardown I noticed the toilet flange was badly damaged. I removed the flange and I am left with the following nasty mess....

I am not sure if the toilet pipe is lead or cast iron, but I have considered various alternatives....

The first being the placement of a plastic flange w/ gasket inside the toilet pipe and tightening it so the gasket forms a seal against the existing toilet pipe.

The second option would be cutting the pipe from below, adding a Fernco coupling and running ABS to the top. I have open access but I am not sure where I would make the cut as the pipe drops below the floor into a 90 degree elbow and runs horizontally to the stack. I am also worried how messy this may be. In addition, as I am not sure if I am dealing with lead or cast iron I see it being a challenge to cut through the pipe. I have a reciprocating saw at my disposal.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you.

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