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Default Adding a washer drain to main drain stack....

Hi Guys....

The wife and i decided we would like to move our washer downstairs in the basement. We would like to move it to the left of the main drain stack.

The problem i am having is i am not to sure how to connect the drain & vent. I wanted to tap into existing cleanout but its a 3.5'' ABS and i can't seem to find anything that will fit.

Of course i would of readded a cleanout if it would of thats out of the question.

Then i thought of cutting the main stack but the height i would have to cut is over 18'' from the floor, cause there is the cleanout and a vent / drain that goes in the garage for a sink.

So cutting all above that to add a washer would be over 18'' from the floor and i am afraid it would be to high for the washer to drain properly ??

I was thinking of maybe trying to remove existing y connector and add a double y connnector ?

Any i can add a washer drain line ??? How would you guys do it ?

I would hate to dig up the floor as i don't want to spend big bucks.

I added a pics to give you guys a better idea of what i am up against.

Thanks in advance !

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