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Supporting Membership
Here at PlumbingForums we strive to provide a friendly and technical oriented community with limited advertising that works towards our hobby and rights.

We have started a Supporting Member program to help fund all the various financial obligations the community incurs; Hosting, Software, Marketing and Legal.

For only $3.99/month, $24.95/year or $100/Lifetime you gain the following benefits to your Membership here at PlumbingForums and help support the further growth of our general knowledge base and community.

  • Supporting Member image under your user name.
  • Less advertising.
  • NO mobile advertising
  • Unlimited private message space.
  • Unlimited file attachment space.
  • Unlimited gallery space.
  • Larger Avatar dimensions and file size.
  • Larger Profile Picture dimensions and file size.
  • Access to Private Forums
  • The satisfaction that you are supporting a great community with a great cause.

To sign up please visit;

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