Black Gunk in Lines!

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After years of not using the hot water in their washroom, Celife decided it was time to get to the bottom of his black gunk issue. Running the hot water produced a black oily "gunk" that would settle on top if the water was collected. A pro came out and took a look. They suggested a total hot water heater replacement, but the experts on PlumbingForums knew better.

Black Gunk in Lines! - Austin - pf-lines-4.jpg

Turns out some braided flexible lines had a black inner lining that tended to break down and show up in the water. After replacing the lines and flushing out the heater against the plumber's directions, Celife now has a fully functioning, gunk free hot water heater.

To follow this discussion, and see how this issue was diagnosed, please follow this link.

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