Temperature Sensitive Faucets Use Light to Indicate Water Warmth

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Is water temperature something you are having trouble getting small children to understand? Depending on your hot water heater settings, it is very possible that water coming out of the faucet or tap may be too hot for little ones to tolerate. If they are big enough to turn on the sink or tub but still too small to understand hot and cold, the water they encounter can result in an unpleasant experience that is painful and may cause burns.

Having an easier way to convey hot and cold can save a lot of trouble in terms of explaining to children that water can be dangerous. Since a lot of the way we determine the temperature of water is by touching it, our children are likely to observe and mimic such behaviors. Instead of testing by touch, there is an alternative way to tell if water has heated up or remains cold, and that is by utilizing a tool that attaches easily to your faucet to indicate the temperature.


Depending on the type you purchase, the way temperature sensitive faucets work is through a light that shines blue when water is cool and red when hot, although some models incorporate green. Also depending on model, the light will shine red when a temperature around 89-95 degrees Fahrenheit and above is reached. Anything below that is typically blue with some models using blue for middle of the road temperatures and green for very cold ones.


Through the use of the colors reflected by the stream of water in your sink, you can teach children when water is safe to touch as well as when it is not. Since many of us are visual learners, having a color to associate with a potentially dangerous temperature will be helpful in avoiding hot water burns. Using colors to associate with temperatures is also helpful when it comes to care of elderly persons who may not realize water has become hot and can pose a danger to them as well.
Installation of such devices is relatively simple in that all you need to do is unscrew your existing faucet head and replace it with the heat sensitive one. In some cases a male/female thread adapter may be necessary but this can be found inexpensively at your local hardware store. Depending on your needs, showerheads that offer the same set of safety benefits are available as well. When it comes to offering that extra bit of protection from hot water burns, this small investment can save a lot of pain and bolster learning at the same time. It can also provide a source of fun and entertainment for kids that will make bathing and brushing teeth less of a battle as kids learn how to tell when they will not get burned and get to have fun, colored water at the same time.

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