Installing Low-Flow Aerators

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With so much emphasis on going green these days, conserving water is on many of our minds. Rather than let water flow freely at times during which we are using it, turning off the faucet is helpful. There are times, however, when your hands just aren't free for repeatedly turning faucets on and off, so another means of conservation is necessary: enter the low-flow aerator.
By installing low-flow aerators on kitchen and bathroom faucets, you can slow down the flow of water so that less is used. The way an aerator works is by injecting air into the water stream to slow down the flow. A typical aerator reduces water flow to 3 gallons per minute, but low-flow aerators can slow things down even more to achieve a usage of one gallon per minute, which amounts to a lot of water saved in the long run.


Low-flow aerators can be purchased in the plumbing section of any home improvement store. There are various models from which you can choose, giving different amounts of water use reduction. Aerators are also made to fit all sorts of different faucets so you are sure to find one that works for you. The price of an aerator comes in at around $5.00 or so to start, making it is an inexpensive investment that is very worthwhile when you consider long term savings. Installation is simple in that all you have to do is screw it onto your faucet end and it immediately goes to work, reducing your water flow and passing monetary savings onto you.


There are many reasons to consider adding an aerator to all of the faucets in your home. As adults it is easier for us to remember to make water conservation efforts, but children sometimes have a tougher time remembering the importance of such things. Using less water also amounts to a savings on household bills. By lowering your water consumption, aerators can lower your water bill. This also amounts to a savings on energy bills because there is less water cycling through your hot water heater that must be heated. On an even larger scale, less water used in your home amounts to less water filtering through treatment plants, which in turn equates to less energy used for processing there as well. Aerators are an inexpensive, simple addition to your home that have benefits capable of reaching far and wide. If you do not already have some in place on your home faucets, consider adding some soon!

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