A Closer Look at the WingTite Drain

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It sometimes seems as if leaks are the bane of our existence. Depending on the location of a leak, getting at it to fix it can be a time consuming and costly process. On the flipside, however, the damage a leak is able to do if left unchecked can be even worse. When a leak is found in your home, the best practice is to repair it as soon as possible, before it grows into an even bigger, more expensive chore.

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Showers in particular can be a tough fix when it comes to leaks. Getting at the root of the problem to fix it is half the battle, but an easier way to do so has been introduced. In the case of plastic or fiberglass showers, something known as the WingTite Drain can be used to solve leak problems. This device installs from above and has an O-ring that seals to the drain pipe (2-inch ABS or PVC drainpipe generally although you can purchase an adapter for 1-1/2-inch and 2-inch copper pipe) via four wings that hold the drain in place.

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While the concept of the WingTite Drain is a good one, it is not without complication. The main obstacle you will face when trying to use one is the removal of the old drain flange. It is necessary to leave the existing drainpipe intact but the flange itself will require a hacksaw and some effort to remove. It will also have to come off in pieces after cuts are made to the pan, which may leave a mess to clean up after the fact. Even so, this method still beats coming in from another direction, such as through the ceiling below a second story shower.

Should you opt to try the WingTite Drain, you will need to have about a half an hour to spare for the installation process as well as some screw drivers, pliers, and a hacksaw. It also requires 100% silicone sealant to adhere; this will need to be applied to the underside of the drain flange to seal it in place and prevent further leaks. Once this is done, you can add the stainless steel cover of your choice. Standard options are available as are decorator finishes.
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Utilizing this device is not the only way to solve a leaky shower issue, but it is a convenient method to repair leaks at the drain head. Like all things, it has both pros and cons that come with its use, and we would love to hear from your regarding your experiences.

Have you tried the WingTite Drain? Are you willing to give such a device a try in the event you have a leak to repair? Let us know in the comments below!

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